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timsk says:

Just come across this: "Tell us what time you'd like to receive daily reminders, e.g. {START_ITALIC}12am{END_ITALIC} or {START_ITALIC}9am{END_ITALIC}. {START_LINK}Learn more{END_LINK} about reminders."

I'm not just being pedantic -- "12am" really doesn't mean anything, either theoretically, or practically to many people across the world. People learn that "a.m." means "before midday" and "p.m." means "after midday"... so who knows what "12am" or "12pm" mean?

Out of interest, if someone enters a time of "12am", do you take that to mean midnight or midday?

Either way -- can I change the example time to "1pm" or something in the translation?

Posted at 2:41pm on August 29, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Sure, feel free to change the example (I'd probably make it something like 5am and 9am, as those are popular times for people to receive their daily reminders).

We take 12am to mean midnight (as on computer clocks), so we're sending daily reminders at the start of the day. I know it's not really proper to use "12am" or "12pm" though -- we should probably try not to use those in our examples.

Thanks for bringing this one to our attention!

Posted 7 years ago

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