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[dutch] 'Paswoord' should be 'wachtwoord'

klaasdepoel Pro says:

When loggin in, the password field is translated as 'paswoord', which is a non-existent Dutch word. "wachtwoord" is, so please change.

Posted at 12:32pm on August 25, 2006

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for letting us know -- we will correct this. If you notice any other translations that can be improved, please let us know (or feel free to submit corrections through the online translation program). Thanks again!

Posted 8 years ago

klaasdepoel Pro says:

Ah, right, nice! I've submitted a whole bunch corrections and improvements. Browsing through the translations, I must say: it looks great, couldn't find any wrong d's and t's... yet ;)

Posted 7 years ago

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