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Cool Japanese RTM task viewers using the API

bzpilman2 says:

From blog http://blog.deadbeaf.org/
You have to authenticate them, though I didn't have any problems with that so far.

cartesianTask let's you drag tasks around a freestyle workspace. Doesn't seem to save their positions over sessions though (maybe it could if it added some coordinate info as a note or something).

RTM Progress does a simple report on your task completion by current week, month, and year. Couldn't test it much as my system is not due-based.

And there's this Ruby project wich I'd test if I knew how =D

Posted at 12:26pm on October 18, 2007

mootoh says:

Thank you bzpilman2 for introducing my tiny apps :)

cartesianTask does store those positions into their notes, as you mentioned above.But I have been away from it for over 6 months, it may not work correctly :|
If you found any problem, please tell me.

Anyway, thanks again for your interest in my projects.

Posted 8 years ago

bzpilman says:

cartesianTask is pretty cool, a great idea =) Is it hard to make such apps ? I might try that someday..

Cool that it saves the position to notes, I'll definitely try it again.
How are you liking this weeks' updates to RTM's core functionality ? Sparking any ideas, hm ? Haha.

Take care,

Posted 8 years ago

wcitypoe says:

Beware the cartesianTask app if you don't want to have two notes added to each and every one of your tasks ... which was a pain in the BUTT to clean up.

Posted 8 years ago

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