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Searching for items which have no time estimate

ben.wainwright Pro says:

Hi guys

So I have been a regular user of RTM for almost three years. I have ADHD and am a naturally flaky person. I have tried various different task list but have always come back to RTM as the best way of organising the chaos that is my life.

Recently I have been using the 'time estimate' feature as it a helpful way of spotting whether my list for today is realistic. (Note for RTM developers - ability to total up time estimates for a list like you can on the web app for mobile apps please!).

I am trying to make sure I enter a time estimate for every task I entered, and until recently have lamented the lack of a specific search operator to find items which have no time estimate set.

The other day when I was fiddling around with smart lists, however I worked out that you can use the following search to list any tasks that don't have a time estimate:

NOT timeEstimate:"> 0 minutes"

Yay! RTM developers, the ability to explicitly search for items lacking a timeEstimate would be nice though!

Posted at 9:36am on December 16, 2013

kek2010 says:

Nice! I was just trying to search for this same thing and found your post. works great. Thanks.

Posted 9 months ago

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