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iPhone: A hidden, but super-fast way to add RTM tasks to call back people who tried to reach you

fabianhemmert Pro says:

After connecting RTM to Siri (http://www.rememberthemilk.com/services/siri/), you can also have RTM remind you to call back people who tried to call you.

In the moment of being called, you have two buttons on the screen: to take the call, and to reject it. But you can also slide up (á la camera quick access) the buttons, allowing you to reject with a message, and to set reminders.

The "in an hour" reminder will be automagically added to your default RTM list, including the caller's name, which will be taken from your iPhone's contacts.

Posted at 12:57pm on July 17, 2013

mb01915 Pro says:

Nice trick but it puts the reminder in the pacific time zone and I am in eastern.

Posted 1 year ago

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