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Managing multiple checklists

kai.yee says:

I reuse multiple checklists for a lot of tasks. Instead of managing and cluttering RTM with all these tasks that I need only for a certain occasion or job, I find it simpler and convenient to manage my master checklists as simple text files.

For example I have my master packing list kept in a text file called packing.txt, before packing for my trip, I would scan through the list, add/delete items to suit the trip if required. To import the checklist into RTM, first I create a new list in RTM called 'Packing'. Then I copy & paste the text from my packing list as the body of an email, with a subject called 'Packing', send it to my Import Email Address and magically my Packing List appears in RTM!

Posted at 2:36am on March 5, 2013

jelykins Pro says:

I like this a very lot!

Posted 2 years ago

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