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Alway see the Added date in a Smart List

janvanderploeg Pro says:

With more than 300 tasks in RTM, I regularly ask myself when I've added a specific task. Since I mainly use Smart Lists, I have added the following operator to every search-string: 'added before: tomorrow'.

For example: list:Someday AND tag:business AND addedBefore:tomorrow

In the webapp, when I select a task in the Smart List, I always see the date added in the details-section of the task. This gives me more awareness and helps me to make choices on what to do.

Posted at 12:25pm on July 20, 2012

yvonneseubers says:

Great tip!

Posted 2 years ago

milkiglo says:

Sweet - I was wondering how to access the date added information!

Posted 2 years ago

bsquaredinoz says:

that is extremely cool, thanks

Posted 2 years ago

yvonnevanderploeg Pro says:

Very convenient :)

Posted 2 years ago

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