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Create Now, Organize Later

jjustice Pro says:

One of the things that trips people up with their task lists is not having them all in one place. If you're in a meeting and you're assigned some tasks, you may feel like you don't have time to configure them in task list software right then, so you write them down in a notebook instead. But, afterward, you may or may not remember to go back and put those tasks in your task list software, and you can lose track of them.

Remember the Milk removes all the excuses for this. It's super-quick to type a task in by name. Don't worry about any configuration or details on it at the time: just get it entered. And you can enter it in a web browser, on your phone, or on your tablet--whatever's most convenient. You can schedule the tasks, prioritize them, and add notes in after the meeting. And if you don't remember to do so, no problem: they're already in RTM, so you'll see them in there the next time you pull it up, and that will remind you that they need to be organized.

Posted at 2:12pm on July 10, 2012

action.manager Pro says:

Additional tip for iOS users: Captio is a great App for quickly capturing to your RTM inbox.

Then you can indeed perform the other GTD steps (process, organize, review, do) at a later moment using RTM itself.

Posted 3 years ago

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