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New cheatsheet...

sam.douglas says:

I'm trying to be more efficient as I get organized using RTM, so I made this. Feel free to print and laminate! It should print the same size as a business card (3.5" x 2")


Let me know what you think! I designed it in Illustrator, so I can make changes pretty easily.

Posted at 8:43pm on May 1, 2012

sam.douglas says:

Oops, thought it would make a link. Here's the image. You can right-click and Save As...

Posted 3 years ago

kxcastillo says:

Thanks, this is great for new users. When i read about the advanced searches and Smart Lists, first thing I did was print out the table of smart searches in the Help Section.


Posted 3 years ago

rdurdyyew Pro says:

Similarly i clipped search operators and tags page to evernote for offline access in my android.

Posted 3 years ago

thinkinprojects Pro says:

Excellent idea and reference tool.

Posted 3 years ago

simon.peacock Pro says:

Nice - very helpful! I use RTM all the time now, and this will be useful for me to pin to my notice board in my office....


Posted 3 years ago

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