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2 way sync not importing outlook data to rtm

runnerteacher78 Pro says:

so rtm is not updating my changes from outlook. i have all lists chosen. any changes i make in rtm overide the outlook changes in outlook. i have 2 way sync set up.

Posted at 3:25pm on April 20, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi runnerteacher78,
I saw your message to the support team; we should be able to resolve this for you. :) Thanks!

Posted 1 year ago

vincent.vanderkruit Pro says:

I have the same issue. The robustness of the software is lacking. At least enable a flash procedure, of mastering the outlook side to RTM, as a quick fix. I'm wasting more time with my tasks than before due to this syncing.

I have just filed a ticket.

Posted 1 year ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi vincent.vanderkruit,
I saw the ticket you opened as well and I've responded to it via email. We'll be happy to get this working for you.

Sorry for the frustration!

Posted 1 year ago

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