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RTM Crashes every time now

dmitry.kalashnikov says:

All of a sudden I can no longer open RTM on my iphone 3g ... it crashes every time now. I can't think of anything "special" I did in the process. I am not even using recurring events and feature other people seem to have problems with. I just have 6 lists and I manage most of them on through browser and use my phone to view them and check them off occasionally.

This is frustrating because I really like this app when it works, and now I can't even access my todo list for the day!

I have a crash log file I'll send you.


Posted at 4:28pm on December 29, 2008

arvid Pro says:


would it be possible to submit a Help request through email?

Once replied, we will be able to request some crashlogs and you can attach them to the email.


Posted 5 years ago

oztrumpster Pro says:

I had the same thing happen to me on y iPod Touch today. I upgraded to RTM Pro and all seemed to be working fine. Later on that day when I went to use the Touch RTM again it kept crashing.

My solution was to delete RTM from the Touch then re-install it. This seemed to solve the problem as its working fine now. Hopefully it wont crash again :-)

Posted 5 years ago

browserweb says:

Same happened to me, also the other installed programs stopped working Every applications crashes. I have to delete en re-install RTM. After that everything is working now.

Posted 5 years ago

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