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Two iPhones, Two Pro Accounts?

dixonge says:

The wife and I want to be able to share lists between our iPhones. If I edit a list, or complete an item on my iPhone, I want her to see the change on hers.

Will this require us to both have separate Pro accounts?

Posted at 9:27pm on November 29, 2008

barkerja says:

Shouldn't need to.. I mean you could essentially just use the same account on both iPhones..

Posted 6 years ago

willw says:

Sounds like you could just both log into the same account.

Posted 6 years ago

jim.austin says:

This is 'team' software. It's 'sharing' oriented and (look at the name) family oriented. There needs to be a mechanism for sharing with your family. If I have a pro account and my wife has a free account, let her access shared lists via her own account on her mobile device. We are not the same person, so we shouldn't have to use the same account.

"Remember[ing] the Milk" is not a $50/year service.

I'd love to see an official response.


Posted 6 years ago

vinson.jim says:

We have four in our house... I'm also interested in using it in my small business.

A group option would be great.

Posted 6 years ago

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