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Adding 'custom' tag + exisiting tags at once doesn't work

vamshikk Pro says:


I was trying to add a 'custom' (new) tag and also an exisiting tag while creating a new task.

It wouldn't work any other way other than I do the custom tag first, saved the task and then come back again to edit the task and add other tags. Is this the expected behaviour? Maybe this would be something you could update in the next version, so that we add new/custom tags along with existing tags. Thanks!


Posted at 1:31am on November 15, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi vamshikk,

At this time, the different modes for things like due date and tag entry can't be used in combination (same thing for due dates; if you change in the Picker view and then switch to the Custom view without saving, it won't use the new value).

While we can look at ways to improve this in the future, the fastest way to do this currently is to set the existing tags first, tap save, go back into the Tags field, and in custom add your new tags.

You can also create new tags before associating them with tasks (by going to 'More' then the 'Tags' screen, tapping 'Edit', then the '+' button).

Hope this helps!

Posted 6 years ago

vamshikk Pro says:

Thanks Emily.


Posted 5 years ago

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