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Where's the app?

sacoward Pro says:

I don't see it anywhere in the app store.

Posted at 1:08pm on November 5, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

This link will launch iTunes and take you directly to the app.

The App Store does take a little while to update, so the app may not be browseable/searchable just yet, however it's definitely there for download via the direct link :)

(If you're accessing the App Store on your device, you may need to wait until it shows up in the store on your device, or alternatively plug your device in and download via iTunes with that link.)

Posted 6 years ago

idealb2bsolutions Pro says:

doesn't seem to be working... i am unable to get the app too =:-(

Posted 6 years ago

milkiglo Pro says:

Hey, when I arrived home and saw the blog entry I freaked out! But this afternoon I locked up my laptop at work and I cannot get RTM to come up in the iPod Touch App Store. Hope the mobile App Store gets it up soon!

It is going to be hard to get some sleep tonight!

Tanks you guys!
I *heart* RTM!

Posted 6 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

According to Apple, the listings are a little bit delayed (so the app isn't showing up everywhere in the App Store listings or search just yet) but should be updated soon.

In the meantime, as someone posted in another topic, you can email this direct link to your iPhone, click on it in Mail, and then it will open in the App Store:


Hope this helps!

Posted 6 years ago

cfohlin says:

FYI... the RTM app is now searchable in the App Store on the iPhone. Enjoy everyone!

Posted 6 years ago

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