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No push notifications after iPhone upgrade

jaloftus Pro says:

(Note: I contacted RTM "official" support earlier today, but the auto responder implied they might be out entirely until after Jan 3. This isn't exactly urgent, but posting here to the forums in case some friendly troll might know the magic incantations... :) )

Yesterday, I upgraded from my 3GS to a new 4S. The app has been working fine in general, but I can't get notifications to show up.

I tried the steps listed on the page below, but no dice:

Note that I had previously had iPhone reminders turned off on your web page because I preferred SMS reminders on the old phone (I didn't have reliable data coverage). Now, I've removed the SMS configuration, but the iPhone reminders setting doesn't have a remove or update link, and I think it's still using the old phone's ID.

I also found this old forum post with a very similar issue, but that guy said it "just worked" eventually. I just don't know how long "eventually" was... :)

In case it's significant, I also happened to upgrade the RTM app version as I migrated stuff over to the new 4S. I did a "fresh install" (not a backup-restore style migration), so I don't think stale app data is to blame.


Posted at 10:26pm on December 29, 2011

jaloftus Pro says:

...and it looks like notifications started working for me this morning (the next day after doing the steps in forum post #14144 as linked above).

If this is just the normal expected process, I guess this turns into a documentation request: RTM staff, please document this in the FAQ and/or make the settings page more clear.

Thanks again!

Posted 2 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi jaloftus,
Definitely not a normal process. :) The issue in that previous forum topic turned out to be something we corrected on our end.

If you have any further problems with reminders, please let us know!

I've also been in touch with you by email.

Posted 2 years ago

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