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Due date-specific email addresses

rusharound says:

Hello Emily and Bob's other minders -

Today I read of a company that is doing something very smart that you might consider adopting too. They have taken the email-to-add-task concept a step farther by allowing users to set the date of the reminder using the destination of the email. (Example: sets the follow up date to be 5 days in the future.)

You can read more here

How I would use this if it existed:
When I sent an outgoing email that required follow up, I would add a BCC to the appropriate email address so it automatically got added to my list. The recipient would not see/notice any evidence of this action and it's infinitely configurable.

Yes, I do know about RTM's existing email-to-task function, and also the Gmail star button. You've done excellent jobs with both - but I thought you might find this at least a little bit interesting.

Posted at 8:22pm on March 19, 2010

jesse.heitler Pro says:

This is a similar feature requestt in

Enabling interaction with RTM via bcc would be very helpful for efficiently managing email.

Posted 4 years ago

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