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Scrape emails to create tasks (e.g. create a task from an Amazon order)

nickle Pro says:

Tripit has a very nice feature.

1. Register an account with your email at tripit

2. Forward all travel bookings to plans@tripit.com

3. Tripit knows the mail has come from you. There are relatively few email formats for airlines. They scrape the relevant details and build an intinery.


Why should RTM do the same? It's more than travel arrangements. It's also things like getting notifications of purchases from Amazon. ie. Lots of possibilities

Ideally, RTM should open up an API and let people develop the scrapers for release to all

Posted at 8:20am on January 27, 2010

leah.shalomPower Poster says:

You can create a task from an email in Outlook - see https://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/tips/7514/.

Posted 5 years ago

nickle Pro says:

But this is different.

Lets say I receive an email from Amazon for an order. I forward that to RTM. (This bit works now)

However, the format of the task doesn't contain the date. The notes are messy.

A scrapper could read the order, extract out the items to be delivered, add tasks with the delivery date, and an HTML link back to the order.

It's the same with the airlines.

Just a few would be useful.

eBay, Amazon, the two airline systems, ...

Posted 5 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

While I will not hold my breath waiting for this feature, I think it's a novel idea and could be developed in any number of powerful ways. I receive all sorts of email that I turn into to dos in RTM every time I get them. If I could auto-forward them and have RTM auto-parse them, that would be very handy.

I suspect the AI behind parsing emails from many sources would get very ugly very quickly, but it's still a good idea.

Posted 5 years ago

toddkitta says:

+1 great idea.

Posted 5 years ago

kmooney3 says:

or link tripit to remember the milk because they would have a more consistent template as opposed to scrapping emails from 30 different airlines.

Posted 5 years ago

klaasdepoel Pro says:

I support the general idea, but I think this idea is more straight forward:


Posted 3 years ago

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