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Allow app badge to show number of tasks in a list or Smart List

wpreed Pro says:

I would like to be able to configure the App Badge count to reflect the number of tasks in a given list. With the introduction of smart lists, this would allow a user to customise exactly what is shown on the App Badge.

The available App Badge counts (Due Today/Incomplete), although useful, are not my preferred way of working. I currently use a smart list that lists all my overdue (dueBefore:now) tasks for most of my planning.

Similarly, you could use it to work at the sub-task level, for instance if you had to run a list of errands. Create a new list called "errands", add tasks to it (pick up drycleaning, get haircuit, remember the milk etc) and link the errands list to your App Badge. Now you have a realtime count of outstanding items in your errands list, which you can look at, at a glance.

Would love to know your thoughts.

Posted at 2:56am on January 12, 2010

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

This idea has appeared several times, and I think it's a great one. As things now stand, I really don't use the badge, but if I could see it tailored to a specific list, that would be a great improvement.


Posted 4 years ago

jhmorris says:

I agree. It would be great to specify the list from which the App Badge count is derived.

Personally I'd choose the Inbox list, so I can see how may new tasks I have which need categorising.

Posted 4 years ago

stephen.nevison Pro says:

This would help a lot and greatly add to the 'mind like water' approach of GTD.

I have a smart list for 'today' which doesn't include tasks I'm waiting on or items requiring action from others. Currently the badge just displays the default today item quantity so usually displays more items than I can actually action.

Posted 4 years ago

dembo Pro says:


This feature would multiple RTM's usage on the iPhone, one could easily switch between private and business todos or track follow-ups without being bother by the app badge.

Posted 3 years ago

deanchile says:

I would love to see this, just like how the iPhone does it...

Posted 3 years ago

joshua.dean says:

Gotta have this

Posted 3 years ago

liffer says:

Yes yes yes!
I was just about to write a, what I thought, new idea regarding this. Just to find out that others already have thought about it :)

I would love to be able to see number of tasks on my "now-list" as app badge.
On my Now-list I have tasks that are due within one minut of now. In that way I set a time for private things needed to do after work hours and I don't see them on my now-list while at work.
Would be SO helpfull to see number of now-tasks with just a quick glance on the phone...

According to me this feature is a must have!!

Posted 3 years ago

liffer says:

Come on! Must be more iPhone users out there longing for this??

Posted 3 years ago

awaldraff Pro says:

Love to have this. In my case i have a list that counts tasks due today and nearby.

Posted 3 years ago

bird.famille says:

I could have sworn I submitted this enhancement request at least a year ago. Wondering if the development hours would really be that much to make this happen...? Agree totally that users should be able to choose a smart list on which to base the app badge.

Posted 2 years ago

steven.beth says:

This is a very important feature. Especially because the "Tasks Due Today" include tasks scheduled for later in the day which you obviously don't want to see in the app badge until the time occurs. Any feedback from RTM on this?

Posted 2 years ago

liffer says:

Any news on this?

Posted 2 years ago

campbell226 Pro says:

I can honestly say there is literally only one problem in my entire life, and this is it.

Posted 2 years ago

azclaire Pro says:

Yes! TODAY is useless for me, too! I use a Smart List to weed out task that aren't real tasks such as the stuff in my freezer or pantry that is past its expiry date (tsk tsk).

I've turned off the app badge because it is useless.

Posted 1 year ago

david.munns Pro says:

I have also turned off badges because of this. This would be a great feature.

Posted 1 year ago

deuts says:

I've been waiting for this feature to be implemented before I subscribe again and pay for a pro account. Hope it'll be implemented soon.

Posted 1 year ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

This was a great idea four years ago, and it still is. I do sometimes wonder what Bob does all day. You'd think he could bat this one out without too much effort.

Posted 12 months ago

dfm Pro says:

Yes please, yes please, yes please. I've just turned the badge off as neither of the choices is of any use to me whatsover. But if I could have it use a smart list it would be wonderfully helpful. Please, please, please?

Posted 11 months ago

gstiebler Pro says:


Posted 11 months ago

jhedlund Pro says:


Having this would be a great help, I don't want to see the badge on tasks due at a later time today, being able to customize it to whatever a specific smart list is would be huge.

Posted 8 months ago

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