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Drag and drop to tag tasks

david.leitner says:

I think it would make RTM even more useful if a list of tags could appear next to the task lists. Especially if they could be dragged and dropped onto tasks. It;s not like it's hard to add tags now, but it's a click and some keystrokes, which for me is just enough time to get frustrated with sorting things. Still the best task program out there for my money though. Just want to see it better.

Posted at 7:19pm on October 21, 2009

amirmasoudabdol says:


Posted 6 years ago

nmvanvliet says:

+1, workshop very intuïtief in gmail (fancy colors too)

Posted 6 years ago

wshsh says:

+1, fully agree with the idea of drag-n-drop tags. That's much easier then the current way.

Posted 6 years ago

huba.gaspar says:

+1, it would be even more convenient to add/remove a tag with one click in a tag list on the right. That list should only show the first n recently used/frequently used tags.

Posted 1 year ago

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