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Add a 'waiting' status for tasks

joheine says:


I would like to suggest a change to set a task to a status like "waiting for another user/supplier".

This means that I do not have to close the task, but still cannot proceed with it myself (until somebody else has replied to me, i.e.)

That means that this task will not be marked as overdue, but as an additional status called "waiting for another user or supplier.

I hope you get my point and that you might like the idea.

Posted at 10:51am on September 14, 2009

lars.niemann says:

like it! good idea!

Posted 6 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I think what you want to do is tag those waiting tasks and then you can exclude them from various searches or focus just on them as you wish. Smartlists can often be the tool that lets you obtain the features you want from RTM today, without having to wait for Bob to code any changes at all.

Posted 6 years ago

vjcamarena says:

I agree with ranbarton. Tag them with "wait", exclude them from your primary list (the one where you look at what you have to do every day), then create a list that searches for tag:wait. Thus you avoid keeping it "in your head" but you avoid forgetting.
For this method to work you should ignore the overdue status of the task.

Posted 6 years ago

jamesr404 Pro says:

+1 agree with ranbarton ^^

Either tag them wait, or put them on a seperate list "waiting for" which you can look at weekly or whichever.

Posted 4 years ago

troy.henke says:

This feature would be best combined with the addition of a Start Date and Task Dependencies (these are two other suggestions already offered and are receiving a high number of votes).

Posted 4 years ago

dvhart says:

Agreed, tag + start_date would be the way to go.

Posted 4 years ago

w.graczyk says:

Great idea, f.ex when i'm waiting for customer confirmation of activity from the task.

Posted 3 years ago

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