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Larger field for editing Smart List criteria

grant Pro says:

When editing my Smart Lists, sometimes the query is quite long, like:

tag:@outside NOT isRepeating:true NOT tag:@watahan NOT tag:@matsuya NOT tag:@drugstore NOT tag:nitori

But when I edit the query, it is difficult to navigate to the place I want to edit because the text field is so tiny.

Please make it bigger!

Much Love,

A happy RTM user =)

Posted at 4:05pm on August 14, 2009

dank2878 says:

I really need this one as well. The way I have my system set up relies heavily on tags, not on lists. That makes for extremely long queries in many cases.

Please expand the text field!

Posted 4 years ago

ml.barrett says:

I've taken to building all of my smart queries in an external text editor for this exact reason. I can see it being small for the mobile version(s), but the main version has plenty of room.

Posted 4 years ago

dfm says:

NONE of my smart lists even come close to fitting in the squinty, little edit box. Please make it bigger -- can't be hard, can it?

Posted 2 years ago

dfm says:

BTW, a different idea was redirected to this one, but lost part of what that person was asking for: it would be nice to be able to click an Edit link right in the list view, instead of having to come to settings to do it.

Posted 2 years ago

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