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Support for timeEstimate:none search

dk_in_c Pro says:

It seems strange no-one has asked for this before... am I missing something?!

The total time Estimate is excellent to calculate if I have a "doable workload" for the day. However, it can easily become inaccurate if you've missed some of the tasks.

When I have a set of new tasks, I quite like to work through them setting estimates / tags wherever neccessary. However it is easy to skip some, and I use smart lists to query things I've missed to update them.

I'd love to search for timeEstimate:none to find all those tasks that haven't yet been given an estimate.

Thankyou very much,
:-) Rachel

Posted at 1:16pm on August 10, 2009

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Search for NOT timeEstimate:">0 min" instead.

Posted 6 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

A popular search... might be worth adding to the FAQ in some way.


Posted 6 years ago

jonathan.els says:

How about including the option for isEstimated:True/False?

This would be in line with the rest of the current "isX" search options?

Posted 3 years ago

jdownie Pro says:

Much respect rajjan. Great workaround!

Posted 3 years ago

shanigentry says:

This would be a great addition as what jonathan said above -- true/false is the easier operator here.

Posted 2 years ago

trouma says:

Thank You rajjan, this works great :-)

Posted 2 years ago

chrstn.klb says:

thx rajan

Posted 1 year ago

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