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Keyboard shortcut to move to the top or bottom of a list

whack9 says:

using keyboard only, when I change the due date on a task that moves it down the list, the caret moves with it. If my task list is long and I move the task way into the future, I need to 'kkkkkkk' all the way back up to the top to address my next task. (I could also "jjj" and wrap around, but if its off the screen I don't know which way is shorter ;-) What about a key that takes me to the top or bottom (g or G?)

Posted at 4:57am on June 5, 2009

timjph says:

Would be really great to have this short cut. I'm continuously doing kkkkk too.

Posted 4 years ago

edgar_wieringa Pro says:

If I understand your suggestion correctly better would be to use the default iPhone option for this, tap in the top of the screen. So a good idea, however the solution I do not like.

Posted 4 years ago

tomphelan says:

I completely agree. Even just a shortcut to get to the beginning would be OK but the ability to go to the beginning and end of a list would be idea.

Often I lose track of where the caret is and have to either scroll with the mouse or hold the j/k keys down until it appears. Very inefficient.

An alternative solution for me would be to have the j/k keys not wrap around so pressing and holding k would get me to the top of the list and stay there. It actually does not make sense to me that they wrap because when I hit k I want to go up and j I want to go down period. Nonetheless, there are probably users who have gotten used to and like the wrap behavior so adding a "b" shortcut for the beginning of the list and an "e" for end this would work well for me without changing the current behavior.

Posted 4 years ago

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