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Task changelog (history of changes to a task)

mariano.benitez says:
It would be useful to know when you created a task, when you postponed, or when you did make changes.

This is useful when you don't remember what that errand thing was about. :)

I don't know if RTM keeps history of changes, but it would be useful., Maybe just a RSS with changes.
Posted at 4:11pm on April 8, 2009
sn3akyp3t3 says:
I like this idea. Especially for lists that are shared.

I find the way StackExchange sites do this to be helpful as a comparison. Its good to know the diff of changes someone made to your original. Version history is essential for many reasons and I think it applies here as well. God forbid the cat sleeps on the keyboard when out of the room and manages to log out and close the browser thus removing the undo capability. :)
Posted 4 years ago
t.scott.urban says:
+1 for this idea. Looking at a task a I postponed a couple times, would help to know when I created it.
Posted 3 years ago
noorkra says:
+1 for this idea. It would be very easy to track common tasks
Posted 3 years ago
carloscadu says:
a) This is handy to follow shared lists or tasks given to others.
b) Along with the log registers/history of changes, to have a notification when new notes / tasks / subtasks are added to shared lists is essential to collaborative work.
Posted 5 months ago
carloscadu says:
Just linking to other thread, in which was discussed:
"I've tried to set up RTM for a team, and not having both "notifications" and "log/history" features makes RTM quite inefficient to teamwork. If one have 10 tasks, it may be manageable to check each task for changes. But if you have +100 tasks in a shared environment and you don't have means to follow what is going on, it becomes really impossible to have a productive teamwork."
Posted 5 months ago
chauer says:
+1 for this idea.
Posted 6 days ago
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