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Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

starlyth says:

Instead of being limited to 1 week of tasks, is there a way to say all tasks, or better yet, next 10 tasks?

Posted at 3:05am on November 5, 2008

starlyth says:

I realized I needed to clarify. I'm using the RTM Google Labs gadget.

Posted 7 years ago

pablopw says:

You're right. That's the problem, which stops me from switching to labs gadget. I can create smartlist of tasks for next month, choose it in settings, but finally it is limited only to tasks for present week. :(

Posted 7 years ago

davidwebb007 says:

Same problem. Is there any workaround ?

Posted 7 years ago

dmcnamer1 says:

i concur... definitely would like more than 7 days.

Posted 7 years ago

jmtruppia says:

I agree, this is a huge limitation for me

Posted 4 years ago

donnahs says:

I agree. But why is it the only comment threads on this site that get answered, are those relating to the iphone, or android or something like that? Do the creators of this program not care about the other features that are talked about?

Posted 4 years ago

nickfmk Pro says:

link off the a quick pick diary or picker like handheld app

Posted 4 years ago

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