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Option to increase the width of the add-on

torfason Pro says:

Hi, I started using RTM a while ago, and with the RTM application, it's even better. In fact the RTM GMail interface is so nice that I find myself lamenting the lack of width adjustment even more.

Is there any way (even a hack involving the editing of some configuration files) to increase the width of the RTM for GMail plugin?

Posted at 2:58pm on July 31, 2008

torfason Pro says:

Hmm, so I went ahead and did this.

Turned out this was actually hard-coded in a javascript file, which I edited to increase the width (working off the grease-monkey code mentioned here a while ago).

I realize this will lead to maintenance headaches for me in the future, and also that this is may not actually be allowed by the RTMGmail terms. I'm hoping that there will be no hard feelings about that, especially since the only goal is to increase the real estate of RTM on my GMail window. Of course, it would be great to see a version where the width could actually be configured through the RTMGmail options, which would make this hack unneccessary.

Posted 7 years ago

brandonkane says:

This would be great. I would especially love a config setting.

Posted 7 years ago

erik Pro says:

Torfason, I'm a novice code hacker, can you get a bit more specific on the changes you made? I've wanted variable rtmgmail width almost since the day it came out!


Posted 7 years ago

asifm42 says:

+1 for variable width for the gmail plugin firefox extension.

Posted 7 years ago

joakim.back says:

I came here looking for the same answer. I'll have to look into the javascript then :)

Posted 7 years ago

david.s.lomas says:

Not sure how practical this is now. I'm no expert, but it seems to me the js used to actually implement the gmail addin is dynamically loaded from the RTM website...

So I would second, third, fourth (wherever we're up to) the idea of making this configurable. I temporarily hand-edited the styles using the DOM inspector to make the column 300px wide instead of the 200px and it was fab on my 1600x1200 monitor :)

Posted 7 years ago

josegd says:

Same feelings.. I cannot take advantage of my screen real estate (22 inch monitor). It would be wonderful to drag the bar to increase / decrease the plugin's width

Posted 7 years ago

felciano says:

Has anyone figured this out? Is this setting, in fact, in one of the installed Javascript files?

Posted 7 years ago

jgbrenner says:

+1 for width

Posted 7 years ago

jacob.stutzman says:

With the new Gmail Labs feature to stick GCal on the left side, my RTM is now ever-so-slightly too big. I'd like to be able to shrink the app just a bit, so add me to the variable width +1'ing.

Posted 7 years ago

tpchris says:

came here looking for the same reduction in width to take advantage of the new google labs widget adder. i'd be in heaven with cal, email and todo list all on one page without needing to use a browser dependent script

Posted 7 years ago

luchie says:

I'd sooner run with the bulls at Pamplona than start hacking Javascript files.. but I'll put my hand up for this feature. It would make the extension PERFECT

Posted 7 years ago

torfason Pro says:

This seems to get bumped up every now and then, and i find this a terribly useful feature. For now I've rolled an adaptation, to get an extra 100px width, into a GreaseMonkey userscript which can be installed from:

It will load two other files dynamically, so I blatantly copied them as well.

Needless to say, since all of the code is copyrighted by RTM, if they object this will have to go down. I hope they won't, at least until the official release gets a width configuration.

And of course, no guarantee of fitness for any purpose is implied.

Magnus Torfason

Posted 6 years ago

vinthomas says:

I did your script, it is a little buggy in FF3 for mac. But I would love to see this become a feature in the next release of the sidebar.

Posted 6 years ago says:

I'd also appreciate variable width, or the option to move it below the e-mail list.

Posted 6 years ago

naomi.blackburn says:

me too - would be a great function

Posted 6 years ago

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