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Ability to delete tasks

debby.hallett Pro says:

I use the RTM gadget in igoogle to manage immediate tasks as they arise. (I also cumbersomely manually transfer them to Outlook Tasks when I'm at my desk -- see other requests to sync RTM-Outlook for GTD!)). I find the gadget lets me do almost everything I do frequently (Complete, Postpone), but I can't delete a task from there. Could you add Delete to the drop down please?

Posted at 8:33am on July 16, 2008

debby.hallett Pro says:

I see I can now do this from within gmail, via the gmail add-in for RTM. Brill!

Posted 7 years ago

rfrancis says:

All fine and well, but I'd still like to see it possible in the igoogle gadget, since I don't use the gmail thingy!

Posted 7 years ago

bpeikes says:

I'd like to see the delete added to the menu in the RTM igoogle gadget. I'd also like to be able to delete more easily in the RTM regular web app. I put tons of tasks on my list and if they get too old I assume that they're not really that important and then just delete them.

Posted 7 years ago

anderson.vieira says:

I agree. I use igoogle gadget on gmail and it would be nice if you could delete a task from it.

Posted 6 years ago

mel.lightbody Pro says:

me, too. It is the one most irritating thing is not being able to delete. I love the igoogle gadget. I rarely use the website because the gadget really does just about everything I need it to do.

Posted 6 years ago

linh.n says:

yes, let us delete please!

Posted 6 years ago

bizchris says:


Posted 6 years ago

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