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Allow spaces in tag names

jfk Pro says:

I'd love to be able to use spaces in tags. When categorising something, I often need to use more than one word, but currently the only way to do this is to combine those words into one word, which looks bad and makes the tag harder to read.

Making it so that only commas and not spaces could be used to separate tags would achieve this.

Posted at 2:07am on June 28, 2008

veevandyke Pro says:

+1 for this. I thought that double quotes were supposed to allow you to do this, but it's not working for me.

Posted 7 years ago

faryl says:

I'd like this as well - echoing what veevandyke says.

Posted 7 years ago

webbj74 says:

won't a space in a tag name make the tag-cloud look confusing?

Posted 7 years ago

felixc says:

Using underscore "_" doesn't work?

Posted 4 years ago

jeffrey.cox150 says:

I agree, spaces in tags would be nice

Posted 3 years ago

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