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Add 'hasURL' to search operators

reckoner says:

to find tasks that have URLs or even search the URL.

Posted at 3:30pm on April 19, 2008

darkbls says:

Would be nice. -> has:URL

And add has:DueDate too !

Posted 7 years ago

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

hasDueDate you have already, try due:never or rather NOT due:never

Posted 7 years ago

mattdrake Pro says:

Yes please -
now evernote has a link capability I use the url field in RTM to link to a document in evernote. Being able to search on which tasks have a link would be great

Posted 4 years ago

wcitypoe says:

urlContains would be nice, too.

Posted 3 years ago

arwild01 says:

*PLEASE* I need to convert some URL's on some completed tasks into notes and I can't evne figure out which tasks have URLs. I only have about 200 to look through. hasURL: and urlContains: are must have's and I'm stunned they don't exist!

Posted 2 years ago

hhsrtm Pro says:

When does it come?

Posted 2 years ago

jodybotham says:

Being able to search within the URL field would be hugely useful for me.

Posted 2 years ago

imjwalsh Pro says:

I would like this as well. I was looking for notes that I linked to OneNote with the URL field and do not see away to create a search or smartlist for this.

Posted 2 years ago

chromatium Pro says:

Seconded - a "hasURL" property would be very useful

Posted 1 year ago

dimitrilw Pro says:

+1 ...especially on urlContains

Posted 1 year ago

richard_marsh Pro says:

YES, this would be a great 'feature' - I can't believe it's lacking!!

Posted 1 year ago

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