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Color printing for priorities

b2pix says:

I often time take a print of my tasks with me when I'm going to be offline a while and I'll be working on my list.... however, was there a reason why the color tags for the priorities don't show on the print out?

Posted at 3:55am on March 20, 2008

bbenham says:

I agree, printing priority colors would help. The print should look more like it is on line with colors, bold and underline. A slightly larger font for printing would be helpful also.

Posted 7 years ago

scottdye says:

or even if not the colors, match the bold for the current day's task as it is on the site.

Posted 6 years ago

ca_heckler says:

I usually print the day's tasks when I get to my desk and work off paper throughout the day (just feels better that way).


Instead or in addition to colors, why not having small badges for 1/2/3 priorities on the output?

Posted 2 years ago

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