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Ability to 'fail' a task

ninechars says:

I would like to have a fail button for when I simply fail to do things. Then I would have a list of my failures to learn from.

I realize that with tagging etc. this is more or less possible, but I think it would be nice as a built-in feature.

Posted at 1:34am on February 7, 2008

wcitypoe says:

You could also smart list this. status:incomplete AND dueBefore:today would give you anything you haven't done that's overdue -- something you "failed" to do.

Posted 7 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Further to that, once you had wcitypoe's list of candidates, you could select the ones you thought you'd really failed, then turn on multi-edit and apply the tag fail to all of them. Then you could exclude items tagged fail from your other lists, removing them from site without having to mark them complete.

Posted 7 years ago

ninechars says:

Those are both great suggestions, but I'm still longing for a big red FAIL button. I think it would be very psychologically purging.

Posted 7 years ago

codyeilrich Pro says:


A fail button would also streamline pass/failing a list of daily tasks. Would be a good change IMO

Posted 3 years ago

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