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Allow uppercase characters in tag names (case sensitive tags)

tzortea says:

notwithstanding post
I think case sensitive tags would be a great aid in readability. For example: "replacecar" vs. "replaceCar".

Some names of advanced search operators use this feature, such as "tagContains" -- this looks much better than "tagcontains"

As always, thanks for your consideration.

Posted at 9:05pm on December 2, 2007

bzpilman says:

Maybe pseudo case sensitive tags would be more feasible.

That means the system saves replacecar for logic and search purposes, so RePLACECAR is still no different than replaceCar.
You could, though, alter it's "cosmetic" value under Settings/Tags. It would sure increase tag cloud readability.

Posted 7 years ago

tzortea says:

yes, great idea bzpilman.

Posted 7 years ago

lwallach says:

The problem with that, bspilman, is that you are dividing tag names into two seperate entities, a cosmetic name and a system name. Even if you don't do that in exactly that way, you are sitll having to convert tags to all lowercase both for the search parameter as well as the tags within the database backend. It's not horridly difficult, but it does take a bit of programming and also might slow down some of the querries a bit while things are converted. My vote would be just to have everything case sensative from end to end. I think at least this has a better chance of getting done because it would take less programming and also remove some of the processing time within the queries...

Posted 7 years ago

david.cumberbeach says:

Case sensitivity would be good for tags, but search should remain case insensitive or optional in order to catch typos or inconsistencies.

Case sensitivity also makes more sense for tags which are Acronyms, especially those which are traditionally written as a mix of cases, or could be confused with a regular word.

Posted 7 years ago

relevart Pro says:

Case sensitive tags, but with case-insensitive searching. That would be great!

Posted 4 years ago

rossgoodman Pro says:

My two most common tags are WaitingFor or DiscussWith and then ForenameSurname : having the correct case displayed would make it much more readable.
I agree with making the search case insensitive.

Posted 4 years ago

amirmasoudabdol says:

It would be really nice and useful

Posted 4 years ago

wwwrgh says:

It does not make much sense to admit only lowercase. Take into account that many Twitter usernames contain capital letters ....

Posted 4 years ago

grshirley says:

agree uppercase should be allowed

Posted 4 years ago

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