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Adobe Air app

bardic.knowledge says:

I'm not capable of it, but I thought I would throw the idea out there to see if anyone else would/could do it.

Basically use Air to create a small desktop app that allows me few my events. If I could add/complete them that would be a bonus.

Posted at 6:31pm on September 27, 2007

bzpilman says:

Even more so with MilkSync out there now.

Posted 8 years ago

dannydeberry says:

I am using the new ebay desktop which uses Adobe Air - I would LOVE to see RTM use this technology.

Posted 8 years ago

woodward says:

I agree, RTM is the type of app that would work really well in a desktop/online atmosphere. It already sort of does with google gears, maybe a good idea to wait to see what gears does (since they're still in beta) before developing a whole AIR app....i dunno....

Posted 8 years ago

ggrell says:

Today it took about 5 minutes to get RTM's iGoogle widget into an AIR app using the Aptana IDE. Playing with it to see how well it works.

Posted 8 years ago

jamie.good says:

Neat idea!

I've also put the rememberthemilk website into an Adobe Air app.

It's very simple. Just an iframe with a little extra logic. But the neat feature is that the app will stay in the system tray on WinXP. Whe you minimise it will not appear on the taskbar but stay out of the way in the system tray. You can restore it from there.

That should do some people until the RTM guys do a proper Adobe AIr app.

It's available here

Posted 7 years ago

erifneerg says:

hmmm, this isn't anything different then what Prism has. it's gonna pretty hard to make a AIR app w/o a different API

Posted 7 years ago

drundel says:

it doesn't work. "This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported"

Posted 7 years ago

icedogas says:


Posted 7 years ago

us says:

@jamie.good - The AIR app is not working

Posted 7 years ago

bduenskie says:

I would love to see an AIR app for RTM!!

Posted 7 years ago

kkaland says:

+1 from me! Actually more than +1 but you get the idea. For reference material look at the Todoist Sidebar Firefox plugin and the Toggl.com Toggl Desktop app they have. This would be cool to see. These AIR apps are pretty useful, I have to admit, just cuz they eliminate the need to keep certain windows open in a browser and delegate the task to desktop icons, which is cool :)


Posted 6 years ago

djensen47 says:

I agree. I use so many tabs in my browser that RTM gets lost and becomes less useful. An AIR app would help it be distinct and easy to access as I need it throughout the day.

Posted 6 years ago

risus says:

Would be nice a Adobe Air app from the RTM team :)

Posted 6 years ago

cyricpl says:

Check this one out:


Posted 6 years ago

emaack says:


Posted 6 years ago

mitchsw says:

What I would like to see is a standalone app/wrapper such as AIR, but I don't want to loose the Gears offline functionality.

Can Google Gears make standalone windows?

Posted 6 years ago

jblaha says:

I agree. I would love to see a RTM app using Adobe AIR. That would be awesome! I would be cool to be able to post new events and get popup notifications for reminders.

Posted 6 years ago

gui.azurdia says:

Works for me but the question is why would I want to use it when I have it open in one tab of Firefox at all times? I also have RTM in my Google page. Any suggestion as to why having an Air app that consumes almost as much CPU as FF would be useful?

Posted 6 years ago

gui.azurdia says:

BTW, love what you did with it. Nice

Posted 6 years ago

alex.denning says:

+1 from me.

Posted 6 years ago

chrillo.at says:

I am currently making an air application for rtm that has built in offline support

see this thread http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/7477/

The alpha will launch next week

Posted 6 years ago

alecrust says:

I've created a Remember The Milk Adobe AIR app, download it from here:


Let me know what you think!


Posted 6 years ago

conrad.wredberg says:


Posted 6 years ago

david.minder says:

Hey, "Remember The Task" seems to be a good adobe air "remember the milk" application.

Posted 6 years ago

cornielje says:

http://www.alecrust.com/RTM.air > Nice, but it indeed eats extra CPU/RAM and no extra functionality.

Remember the task is very nice, eats just a little CPU and gives you a great overview (no clutter). Well done!

All I need now are reminders on my desktop.

Posted 6 years ago

relevart Pro says:

I don't like the idea. I recently tried out an AIR app, but it was slow, and pain to use. Even the uninstallation took over a minute. But it was just a simple timer program.

I dont know if it's common, but from what i saw i really hate this AIR platform.

Posted 4 years ago

james.m.l.cramer says:

I want an official Adobe Air version, that can cache the tasks for offline use. For when internet is not available like on a plane, etc. Could be made just like the iPAD version but runs on Air.

Posted 4 years ago

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