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Autosave notes

brian.bubnash Pro says:

I find I keep losing notes I type because I type some of the note, forget to hit save, go do something else, then come back to RTM and start to do something else (still without hitting save). It would be _awesome_ if the notes saved themselves!

Posted at 9:40pm on August 19, 2007

graham.reeds Pro says:

I agree. I've lost notes because I forgot to hit save.

Posted 8 years ago

leifg says:

I totally agree to this, happened to me frequently

Posted 8 years ago

andrei.marin says:

I totally agree. It happens to me also. Everything in rtm is based on auto-save, except notes.

I think they should be saved automatically.

Posted 7 years ago

academic.cac says:

Still the same today

Posted 4 years ago

sklika Pro says:


Posted 3 years ago

srobb Pro says:

I do this constantly -- I write a big huge note and then move on without saving. So many other web applications (e.g., OneNote) automatically save your work as the default. Please add this!!!

Posted 2 years ago

xxjohnboy Pro says:

yes for sure, this is annoying. I just lost all the links I cut and paste into notes because I forgot to hit save. Very frustrating as I spent a long time looking for those and have no way to get them back as clipboard copy has been overwritten.

Posted 2 years ago

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