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Keyboard shortcut for opening the URL associated with a task

tvjames Pro says:

Is there a keyboard shortcut to open the URL associated with a task? If not, could I request it? :)

Posted at 2:42am on June 21, 2007

justis.peters Pro says:

This is what I just came here to post about. Great minds think alike, eh? How convenient that would be, to use j/k to highlight the task, 'i' to select it and some TBD key to open the URL in a new window.

That new window part is actually what drove me to come request this. I was tired of having to explicity tell it that I want a new window rather than sending me away from RTM. It takes a little while for all the AJAX, Google Gears, etc to load up, so I prefer to stay within the current session of RTM.

This could easily be implemented by putting an HREF in a hidden div and associating a keyboard shortcut with it. I'll leave it to RTM to find the best implementation for them, but thought I would point out just how trivial it would be to make this happen with no impact to the existing UI.

Kind regards,

Posted 8 years ago

maseratij Pro says:

Voted Yes

Posted 3 years ago

pothix says:

I really need this one. =\

I just want something like Google reader. Pressing "v" a new tab opens with the content of the url.

Posted 3 years ago

rjp1958 Pro says:

Would love this.

Posted 3 years ago

isaacab Pro says:

This would be so helpful, and technically it doesn't sound like a big deal.... +1

Posted 2 years ago

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