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bradb says:

I access RTM most of the time from the iGoogle gadget. I have a lot of tasks in RTM and I assign due dates to most of them. Sometimes I know I have a task with a due date sometime in the future that needs to get done sooner. When I want to find a task with a due date that's > 1 week out I have to go to the RTM site to search for it. I would love to have the option of being able to have a search box in the iGoogle gadget.

Posted at 2:38am on June 10, 2007

mayur.jobanputra says:

Yes, that would be superb.

Posted 7 years ago

jimjoh says:

I'll third that motion

Posted 6 years ago

eli.gibson says:

I'll add another vote here.

Posted 5 years ago

vjcamarena says:


Posted 5 years ago

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