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Take the time estimate into consideration when determining when to send the reminder

houdw says:

Instead of remind me something at due date/time, it should remind me earlier, considering the estimate time.

Posted at 1:52am on October 25, 2005

rocketeer007 Pro says:

This is a fantastic idea, and exactly what I was looking for too!
Particularly on the iPhone/iPad app, but in general; if I say a task will take 2 hours to complete, and is due at 14:00 on Tuesday, a reminder at 13:45 is just a bit too late!
Likewise, if it's a 10 minute job, having a reminder at 12:00 for something that needs to be done by 14:00 will probably get ignored and forgotten about before the time comes around...

Currently, I work around this by setting the "due time" to "the latest I can possibly start the task and still have it done on time" - but it would be kinda handy to have that figured out automatically.

Posted 3 years ago

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