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Support '+', '++', '+++', etc for due dates, meaning 'in N days' where N is the number of plus signs

matthieu.baudoux says:

There already is an impressive and well-thought list of input formats explained at http://www.rememberthemilk.com/help/answers/basics/dateformat.rtm

Would you consider adding "+", "++", "+++" etc meaning "in N days" where N is the number of plus signs ?

1. "+" is quicker to type than "tom", abbrev. for tomorrow
2. if I can avoid to do the math to find out which day we will be in 3 days, I'm happier !


Posted at 12:32pm on April 7, 2007

eriktiki says:

That is a great idea. especially usefule from a cell phone

Posted 8 years ago

palik says:

maybe +n (e.g. +5 for five days) would be even easier?

Posted 8 years ago

6750km says:

I agree with the last orator =)

Posted 8 years ago

benpage26 says:

+n is a good idea.

but already you can type "n days" "nd" for the same effect.

Posted 8 years ago

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