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Show the status update on the right (which scrolls) instead of at the top of the page

robert.scholl Pro says:

I'm often working on a list that doesn't fit on a single screen. When I scroll down and make changes, the "List" box on the right scrolls (which is great), but the status message shows only at the very top of the screen. I have on occasion updated multiple records unintentionally, but if the update message was visible, I could have seen that it had just happened.

Posted at 4:21pm on September 6, 2012

igorrs Pro says:

That's one of the most obvious usability problems of Remember the Milk.

Posted 2 years ago

georgedolbier says:

I have seen several suggestions about specific locations of functions, lists on the right (which I like), this suggestion...
How about take on all of these types of suggestions with a drag and drop "customization layout" approach similar to yahoo's front page, or how most message boards allow customization of layout. Lists, tasks, notifications, options, tags would each have a left, right and Horizontal layout, each user could drag n drop to build their own custom layout.
Would there be a way to do this such that web, native application, & pad app had the same layout? (or at least support custom layouts by device)

Posted 1 year ago

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