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Regenerate the reminders list for today after adding new tasks

echarles Pro says:

Let's say at the start of the day I've got five tasks for today. My little cow head icon shows up in my notification bar and I can quickly get at my lists of reminders for the tasks for the day. Excellent so far!

But let's suppose at some point during the day I add a couple of new tasks for today, using either the android app or the web. The app and the website sync and there are my new tasks in both places. Great.

BUT - the new tasks don't appear in my list of reminders that I pull down from the notification bar. If I've added new tasks for today after that list of reminders was generated it essentially becomes useless because it's out of date. I'd like to see it either automatically update the list of reminders, or at least give me something to select to regenerate the list of reminders.

Posted at 10:56am on February 21, 2012

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