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Discourage people from making "+1" replies in this forum

maxcantor says:

That's what the upvote button is for.

(I know people are just showing how much they support an idea. It's not the end of the world if a bunch of "+1"/"+2"s end up in a thread. But, they just take up space and take attention away from the real discussion.)

Posted at 7:53pm on June 17, 2011

chris.hancock says:

+1 :D

Posted 4 years ago

egon.geerardyn Pro says:

Perhaps they could introduce a real numerical counter to show the support instead of vague graphs. Something like LaunchPad's "This bug affects you and 500 users" or Google Code's "4 people starred this issue". Such a numeric display really shows how important people think the idea is with respect to other ideas.

Posted 4 years ago

maxcantor says:

@chris.hancock - I see what you did there!

@egon.geerardyn - You can see an exact count if you mouse over the graph, I believe

Posted 4 years ago

kerrpe says:

Some of the really "+1"-heavy posts were around before they instigated the voting buttons. I think that's one reason we have them.

Posted 4 years ago

waldir.leoncio says:

Those +1 can really clutter a thread and discourage useful discussion. Someone should just go ahead and weed those out.

Posted 3 years ago

jaap.kramer says:

I see it as a way to bump an idea a bit, since the RTM team is lacking answering on any of the ideas

Posted 3 years ago

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