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Add notes from e-mail to an existing task

claudio.lillo.contreras says:

Today I can create a task sending an email to my rtm account, but, when I want to update my existing Task with new notes, or change the due date I can´t because every new mail is considered an new task.

Posted at 11:51pm on June 3, 2011

pabgia Pro says:

I agreed with Claudio. For example, I may have a task about thing to buy in the wearhouse (buy things at XXX). I would like to be able to edit the content of the note and edit the actual list of things I'd like to buy (in only one note).

Posted 2 years ago

agust.olafsson says:

Feature request! Add to existing task notes by email!

Posted 2 years ago

wmeads001 says:

I agree this woudl be most useful. I am having to use web to paste the email in

Posted 2 years ago

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