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Notification emails (e.g. a new task is received, a shared task is completed or modified, etc)

bob.ennis says:

Just spent the day trying to set up RTM for a small team. I have tried many task management systems that are slightly better at assigning tasks, but I really like the flexibility of RTM and the ability to sync with my Blackberry. I assumed wrongly that RTM would be able to sent an email or sms when we receive a sent task or when a task has been completed or changed. Not having this functionality makes RTM unusable for our team since we are all very mobile and need to know when new tasks have been assigned or the status of the tasks have been changed. Have I missed something?

Posted at 8:32pm on November 27, 2010

a73x.v says:

+ 1
Great suggestion bob.ennis

Posted 3 years ago

sebast78 says:


Posted 3 years ago

avalerion says:

Any chance of this happening?

Posted 3 years ago

kbondar says:

Our development team has also made several attempts to use RTM as our task management/tracking utility. I absolutely love the ease of use and the mobility of RTM. Unfortunately, all of our attempts have failed due to the missing functionality of simple notifications that a task has been created/modified/edited/assigned or notes have been left. This makes it impossible to cooperate on a wide scale, imagine someone has to call me and say "Hey, did you see that I added a task to your list" otherwise I would never notice it. So we have concluded that unfortunately at this stage in RTM's development it still remains a highly PERSONAL tool, where YOU have to track each and every task. We hope that eventually notifications will become available and RTM will continue to grow in this direction as there is no match to simplicity of this platform.

Posted 3 years ago

vzb says:

seems so simple and so crucial

Posted 3 years ago

coppercreative says:


but there is a clunky workaround if you like...

if you sign up for a free account, you can get email or sms notifications when a feed changes

so for me, I went to my inbox, made sure no tasks were selected and then hit the 'atom feed' button

paste the feed url into notify me

whenever I get a task sent to me, it emails me :)

hope that helps


Posted 3 years ago

billshander Pro says:

I couldn't agree more with this feature - using RTM for groups really requires this feature, IMHO.

Posted 2 years ago

klagreca says:

absolutely needed!

Posted 2 years ago

hallwaystudios says:

Massive omission - really need this!

Posted 2 years ago

mqheel Pro says:

Have to do this!! My admin wants to go back to Reqall because RTM doesn't support this. Also need to be able to share task from mobile apps.

Posted 2 years ago

p.dunkel says:

+1 Absolutely Essential

Posted 2 years ago

marcwklass says:

This feature will make sharing a list much more efficient. Right now I have to keep checking for any changes to my shared lists.

Posted 2 years ago

wgsmith777 says:

+1 Completely Agree!

Posted 2 years ago

yduverdier says:

RTM is not usuable without this basic feature for teamworking.

Posted 2 years ago

vctork Pro says:


Posted 2 years ago

mqheel Pro says:

No response from RTM on this? I sent a note into customer service and it doesn't appear this basic, yet important, feature is on their radar screen. This thread was started in Nov 2010. Seems to be unanimous agreement that this is a key feature.

Posted 2 years ago

180biz Pro says:

+1 I would love it if a task is added, modified or completed by another user in a bar like the yellow bar I see everytime I add or modify something at the top of my screen. Maybe make the bar a different color so I know it is a shared task or tab

Posted 1 year ago

bddwyer Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

rosefox says:

Please do this! RTM is basically useless as a social tool without it.

Posted 1 year ago

jevonreinke says:

Working remotely, without this feature, I may as well just check my e-mail instead of RTM and have the same problem of not getting to assigned tasks in time

Posted 1 year ago

catada Pro says:

I started using Milk to keep a track of tasks that I want a remote team member to do.
I have put some 30 entries in and tagged them all and added notes, She has started making changes and I was VERY surprised not to be notified. What's the go?
It is particularly bad as she put her updated info in the notes, - I didn't know they are there until she emailed me, then I had to figure out which task she was talking about. It was hard enough to convince her to use an app at all, Milk looked great - it looks user friendly, has versions for so many devices etc but without this it doesn't save much time

Posted 1 year ago

jock.friedly says:

critical feature needed

Posted 1 year ago

marin.vintila says:

Very useful feature, would certainly improve the experience.

Posted 1 year ago

geff326 Pro says:

I really think this is an absolute must have, there are so many more features in RTM less crucial than this, please have a look into this

Posted 1 year ago

brayne says:

Yes, my vote goes for this one too. I consider this an essential feature.

Posted 1 year ago

ctapbiu.spb Pro says:

My friend and I use RTM as android-app on daily basis. I suggest it will be usefull if RTM will post in notification area on device message like "Incoming task! @Mihank"

Posted 1 year ago

tomjepson Pro says:

Agree please add this feature

Posted 12 months ago

kenneho Pro says:

+2 from me too. It's a very essential feature.

Posted 11 months ago

chadfarmer says:

Massive need for us. Would help greatly.

Posted 10 months ago

rbreton74 Pro says:

Please, also when a note is changed/adde.

Posted 10 months ago

inglex Pro says:

would be very good

Posted 9 months ago

gingerbuckendahl Pro says:

Yes, we need this

Posted 9 months ago

stephenoguin Pro says:

This would be awesome. My father and I thought this could be possible before and decided to make this our "digital white board" of tasks. Let's get this going soon :)

Posted 6 months ago

lizbradleyuga says:

Agreed. This would be great. What about cc: (a group email) for every task added? Kind of a pain though.

Posted 5 months ago

jeffdielle Pro says:

I need this feature. I want to share a task list with an admin and have the admin receive notifications when I make changes to the list.

Posted 9 weeks ago

apiccirilli Pro says:

+2; for those of us who skip the Overview screen, some sort of notification that a list has been shared would be extremely useful.

Posted 8 weeks ago

scott.jeynes says:

+1 I'm not a business user; I want to keep in touch with my wife on our boatloads of home and personal to-dos. Sharing tasks is great, but I also want her to be notified if I add a note to a task--this would be an excellent way to ask questions and keep each other updated. Manually sending e-mails or texts is exactly what I want to get away from.

Posted 6 weeks ago

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