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Daily Digest - time issue

Started by dmsyring Web app

57 hours ago
Tasks in Bold Vs. Normal

Started by bebrowsky Web app

011 hours ago
How to drag and drop to reorder tasks, not create subtasks

Started by meganraby Web app

12 days ago
Daily repeating reminders

Started by senolsinan iPhone app

72 days ago
Can I see complete and incomplete tasks in the same, single list?

Started by nah.why Web app

24 days ago
Delay reStart after completion

Started by iggymazda Web app

14 days ago
Smartsearch for all the tasks on a list due today AND all the subtasks also due today?

Started by jennifer.goslee General

45 days ago
Easy way to group scattered tasks under a new parent task?

Started by rob.oyer Web app

05 days ago
Mac desktop app doesn't sync

Started by doreen.stabinsky Web app

36 days ago
Downloading Notes?

Started by birrellwalsh Web app

18 days ago
Dropdowns missing from the top of my task list!

Started by jennifer.goslee Web app

28 days ago
Daily Digest doesn't include overdue items

Started by gordonrobb General

49 days ago
Moving tasks to become sub-tasks

Started by jeff.sutheran General

19 days ago
Can I email a task, with subtasks?

Started by gordonrobb Email

111 days ago