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Interaction with Pebble smartwatch from iphone

rob.morse Pro says:

I am thinking of getting a pebble watch to link with my iphone (https://getpebble.com/). I use RTM a great deal to handle my during the day reminders, and as a teacher it is difficult to check my phone. Having my alerts appear on my watch would be amazing,

So my question is: Has anyone got an iphone and a pebble and has RTM alerts linking to their phone?


Posted at 10:35pm on December 11, 2013

lurchvt Pro says:

I can't speak for iPhone, but with my Android Nexus 4, the RTM alerts show up on the Pebble.

Posted 1 year ago

sirlouen Pro says:

I have android, how have you configured you RTM alerts?

Posted 1 year ago

sirlouen Pro says:

I have downloaded the pebble app pebble notifications, and everytime RTM sends a task it shows the alert with even the name of the task on my Android

Posted 1 year ago

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