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Shortcut for move in "A bit better RTM" just stopped working

henrikba Pro says:

Chrome 21.0.1180.89 (Official Build 154005) on Win7-64.
A bit better RTM v

Out of nowhere, Ctrl-M for moving tasks just stopped working.
I debug w/console and see that keycode 77 (m) is sent when I use debugger. I see system-wide that I grab Ctrl-M (eg. autokey logger or similar).
Seems all other shortcuts are working in RTM/ABB RTM (moving up/down between lists, goto list etc).

FWIW - this *also* happens in FF (not default browser, but used once in a while to work offline while traveling etc). FF 3.6.27 w/A bit better RTM extension.

Any ideas?

Posted at 6:59am on September 7, 2012

henrikba Pro says:

Eh, nevermind... Reboot solved this. Sorry for spamming.

Posted 3 years ago

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