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Gmail restarting after enabling 1,0,6 RTM extension in Firefox 5.0.1 (OS X)

rhettcorby says:

Anyone else experience this? I installed the extension in FF, restarted and now my gmail keeps "rebooting". The only way I could get it to stop was to disable the extension in FF.

Posted at 6:44pm on July 14, 2011

rhettcorby says:

I just discovered that this same issue is happening on Chrome 12.0.742.122

The behavior is a little different - the entire gmail interface does not reload looping over and over again - however, when you select messages, the page reloads. I disabled RTM and it stopped.

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

I see your email support request in our system. We'll be in touch by email on this issue as soon as possible.


Posted 3 years ago

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