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Takes up a lot of memory

wakela says:

Is this becuase the tasks are stored on the internal memory rather than the SD card? I've been using RTM heavily for a few years, and this sucked up a major chunk of memory. An option to store tasks on the SD card would be nice.

Posted at 4:19am on September 16, 2009

monkey.boy says:

yea, that makes no sense to store data on the internal memory vs the SD card. Oversight on the developers part?

Posted 5 years ago

krysta Pro says:

+1 for storing tasks on SD card

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

The tasks data is stored in a database, and database locations are managed by the Android OS -- unfortunately we don't have any control over where the OS places databases. :(

We've done a bunch of work to make everything take as little space as possible (for instance, we compress notes in the database). By default, we're also only transferring completed tasks going a month back (you can change that option in Settings > Sync in the app) to reduce the amount of data.

Hopefully the Android OS might have some more flexibility in the future with regards to external storage of data.

Posted 5 years ago

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